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 What exactly is a Real Estate Market Analysis and why would you need one?

A Market Analysis is just that. An overview of the market and market trends that leaves no mistake as to what price your home should be listed at.

I have always laughed at the idea that some agents provide you with information on 10 properties and expect that an analysis of that scope would suffice. IT DOESN'T.  Here's a helpful article on pricing your home for sale, and check out the top 15 FAQ's.

A True market analysis includes:

  • active properies (your competition)
  • pending properties (trending prices)
  • sold properties (historical data)
  • Enough data where  even YOU don't have to guess at the price, and after your review of the data included, the Realtor doesn't have to even tell you a range. Anything short of that is just fluff. The data should not be overwhelming, just informative.
  • Market Analyses should and will be performed as often as needed when your home is on the market.  Check out this blog post to find out why.

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