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It can only be said ONE way.

Expect your agent to sell your house.


The only way you can get this sign in front of your home is by calling me first. I could offer you a  list and a plan to sell your home online, but you would know that plan is the same for everyone. Not all marketing plans can be the same for everyone.  It would never work.

Think of it this way. You know that house around the corner that is nowhere near as nice as your home? There would be a different type of buyer who would want that house, right? So the marketing plan that an agent would implement for you really shouldn't be the same as the plan an agent uses for that house. What about the same marketing plan for a house or a condo? Does that really make sense? ...Of course it doesn't.

What works is a well thought out plan that's tailored specifically to your home. that only an experienced agent like me knows how to implement. There are things in a marketing plan that should be standard, like being on the MLS, having a Sign in front of your yard,  area mailings, and Internet advertising, Public and Broker Open Houses if applicable and acceptable, and Social Media Marketing. You shouldn;t be without that either. But of course, that's part of your plan, but it's not all of it. Still have questions about the process in general? Check out this article about the Top 15 Seller FAQs.

It's the added extras that will get your home sold, like "reverse prospecting", and targeted marketing for your most likely buyer. Marketing  that appeals to all "personality types",  and  much more!  I will be happy to share more  ideas with you when we meet. So call me when you're ready, or email me to set up an appointment, or you can just use my online scheduler, and choose your time. I will confirm with you as quickly as possible. 

I am in the business of selling homes, and I'd like to be in business with you. Contact me today to get your home IN the Market, and I WILL get your home sold.

We'll get the RIGHT sign in front of your house!

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