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Staging Your Home For Sale

One very important aspect of selling your home has to do with "staging" your home for sale. In short, it  means optimizing your home for sale to broaden its appeal by implementing neutral and /or aesthetic changes so that your home shows as well as it could to as many buyers as possible.

Some real estate agents charge you initially for this service, or will offer a Complimentary one hour consultation as their client. You should NOT have to pay additional fees for staging advice.  I never charge my clients for this service.
Check out these blog post sabout the importance of staging, the art of Feng Shui and here are a few basics:

In the kitchen, get all those extra appliances, books, pads, and what-not off your kitchen counter. It makes the area look small, and everyone likes counterspace. Take those magnets off the fridge. Put those magazines away in the living room,  and make sure all of your clothes are put away in the bedroom.

Furniture Placement.
Some homeowners like a lot of furniture, but buyers can't see the size of the room, if they have to zig zag through it. I'll let you know what should stay and what should go, and what pieces should be moved in order to optimize your space for showing. Flowers and appropriately placed knick knacks are good, too.

It's hard for a buyer to imagine that your home is theirs when they see family photos on the wall and on the table.
Put them away. You will be moving, so you might as well pack those photos right now.If you have any collections that you like to siplay, now is a good time to pack those, too.
They are distracting to a buyer. You want them focusing on your home, not your collection. Your bathroom should be as crisp and clean as the Waldorf, so put your personal hygiene and beauty products away, too.
Staging can be quite involved for some homes, so don't try to  do it yourself without the help of a professional (That's me!) I'll show you exactly what needs to be done in order to get your home sold  for as much money in the shortest period of time with as few hassles as possible. Contact me today, and I'll help you get started, free of charge.

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