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Here Are a Few Customer and Client Reviews-

... and we look forward to serving your real estate needs, and making you just as happy! Call us or email us today.


"Expert market analysis and strong advertising skills"

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your efforts which ensured us a quick sale while exceeding our expectations on the price.  With your guidance, some staging, and your ability to utilize all of the Internet tools, we had three offers to choose from in less then 7 days and a closing not long after.  If it was not for your expert market analysis and strong advertising skills,  we would probably not have gotten the price we did.

Don and Lynda C.

"Judy is dedicated to her clients and is 100% focused on exceeding their expectations.  She will not disappoint you."

Judy Szablak was an excellent choice to help me find my new home.  I was relocating from northern Connecticut and unfamiliar with Fairfield County.  I searched the various realty websites to find an agent who would be a good match for me.  Judy's blog resonated with me so I contacted her and explained what I was looking for in a new home.  She listened to my needs and identified properties that closely matched my list of "wants".   Her knowledge of the area is extensive and invaluable in helping me identify a community to focus my search.  I was under a tight timeframe since I had sold my home and wanted to find a new place quickly.  She guided me through the process, made great referrals to other professionals, moved things along when we hit some snags and got me through the closing.  The purchase process went very smoothly in large part to Judy's advice and guidance.  Judy is dedicated to her clients and is 100% focused on exceeding their expectations.  She will not disappoint you.

-Cindy P.


"A high level of professionalism"

My wife and I recently sold and purchased a new home. As a Fairfield County real estate attorney, I have personally witnessed the high level of professionalism that Judy brings to the table in the many transactions we have worked on together. Out of the numerous real estate brokers that I have come in contact with, I wanted Judy to be our agent. In my experience, Judy is one of the few brokers who takes a proactive stance and strategizes with the attorney to negotiate the most favorable deal possible for her clients. I have now had the opportunity to work with Judy not only as attorney, but also as client.
Selling and buying a primary residence is an emotional experience, and one needs proper brokerage and legal guidance throughout the process. Judy was able to anticipate the marketing issues we would encounter and diffuse the headaches they might have otherwise caused. Her advice was simply superb.
In the end, with Judy's seasoned brokerage experience, we were able to sell our residence easier than we expected, and found the home of our dreams.
-Attorney S. Cooper

"Judy calmed our fears about the whole process"

When Bill and I became engaged, we embarked on a rather intimidating process: combining households. How to sell two houses and buy one? We knew that it would take perfect orchestration to ensure that we would have a place to live once both our houses has sold, but that we'd be able to make the numbers work at the same time.
Judy's expertise was apparent from the moment we met her.She prepared incredibly comprehensive marketing and sales plans for our homes, including similar house and neighborhood comparatives, and calmed our fears about the whole process. When we went to look at homes, we were presented with listing kits which kept us organized.

Not only did both our houses sell in less than two days at the price ranges we had targeted, but in a competitive situation, Judy's rapport with the seller of the house we wanted secured us our home.
We couldn't have done this so painlessly without Judy's professionalism, tenacity, expertise, and humor.
 -Pam R

"I never had to worry about anything."

I am writing to tell you just how HAPPY I was with my entire buying and selling experience and it was all due to YOU. I never had to worry about anything. You were always one step ahead; not only with the routine tasks, but when I called you in a panic about things I had overlooked. I truly could not have been more satisfied with your service.

As you know, I have laready recommended you to several friends and will continue to do so. And I will certainly be calling you, without a doubt, if I have any real estate transactions in the future.

I will certainly miss your phone calls. You became a welcomed friend in the process!
-Nina Venetianer

"Judy completely eased the stress."

I am writing this letter to highly recommend Judy Szablak. I recently purchased a condo with the help of Judy, and as stressful a situation I heard purchasing a home can be, Judy completed eased the stress. I was a first time home buyer, with very little experience in not only the condominium market, but in the area that I was interested in moving in. I relied heavily on Judy and her experience to guide me to make the right purchase. She was very comfortable to be with, almost more like a friend than a real estate agent. At each point in which I had to make a decision, Judy would honestly give me her opinion, never once pushing me into a situation or making me feel pressure to make a decision. I had heard about Judy from a friend, who had an equally good experience with her, and have since recommended her to anyone looking to purchase a home
-T. Johannessen

"She Responded Immediately to Our Call."

"My husband happened to be complaining to our dentist about our real estate agents' service. Our dentist gave us your name, praised your service to him, and urged us to get in touch with you."

"You responded immediately to our call, arranged to see us, and came to our home at the exact time we arranged. This alone would have endeared us to Judy, but when she arrived (after braving our mountainous driveway, climbing three flights of stairs, still looking cool and collected) on just about the hottest day in September,... well, my husband and I just looked at each other in wonder."

"Judy did not show any lack of interest just because we were renting and no big sale was involved. Judy treated our rental like a million dollar sale, communicated offers, found us excellent tenants, ironed out differences, and had contracts ready in record time."

"We are sure that she regards all of this as "just her job", but, to us, this is quality service. When our tenants decided to renew for another year, one phone call to Judy yielded new contracts delivered to our doorstep practically overnight."

"We will continue to recommend Judy to family and friends."
-P. Lewis

"Judy was extremely helpful and accommodating"

Just a brief letter to let you know how pleased I am with your services. You were recommended to me by dear friends of mine (whose condo you recently sold) when I was looking for a condo to lease. From day one, you have been extremely helpful and accommodating - a true professional. I am very happy with the condo that I am looking forward to moving into, which couldnlt have happened except for all of your efforts on my part. You are a super agent, whose services I would recommend at any time.
-Norma Marshall

"Such dedication and expertise"...

First and foremost, Allan and I wish to thank you for all the hard work and dedicated effort you put into our purchasing the home in Fairfield. It has been such a pleasure to work with you. Never before have I experienced such dedication and expertise on the part of a real estate agent. The best thing that happened to us was another agents recommendation to go with you when we began the search for our home in Fairfield.
You quickly learned our needs and desires and followed through with your instinct of our interest in the new home. Each and every time I needed your guidance, assistance, and concerns, you were always there in an instant. I thank you again for your kindness and I believe you have gained as much pleasure from our purchase as we have.
My wish for you is the same courtesies and pleasures with all that you will deal with in your business and personal life.

"I admire your capability to foresee the market"

Thank you very much for your efforts and help when Alice and I have sold our home in Westport.
This was not an easy decision for us to sell the house where we have lived for 16 years. But your understanding of our complexity helped us tremendously. You have been very patient and led us to make proper decision with appropriate advices. You have completely understood Alices's mentality and within that limit you have performed extremely professional and efficient work for us.
Frankly speaking, your suggested list price was not the highest. But the pricing was the right one. I admire your capability to foresee the market very accurately. I also admire your capability to observe the house with very neutral yet accurate eyes. Even we could not see the many features of our house but you could see these features right away and reflected to your listing with very accurate manner.
All of these capabilities in you materialized extremely quick and satisfactory sales for both us and buyer. Whenever I talk to friends about which kind of process we have been through, they could not believe how simple and efficient the process we had.

Judy, again, both of us are extraordinarily happy about your services. We greatly appreciate your job done for us.
-Mako and Alice Obara

"We went from binder to closing in 29 days."

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help. You made a first time buyer feel comfortable, knowledgeable, and in control during the whole process. We went from binder to closing in 29 days. You knew we had to get there, and there was no stopping you. Not only were you helpful in educating me in the new world of dry rot, radon testing and pole removal, your personal touches made me feel like I was working with a friend, not just a broker. Thank you so much for everything, we undoubtedly wouldn't have been able to do it without you. We love our new home so much, and thank you for all of your hard efforts to make our dream come true.
-Liz Pavlic

Judy Has Restored Our Faith

We are convinced we would not be in our home if it weren?t for Judy. In a fast-paced market we were often the first buyers to see a newly listed property. Within 45 minutes of our new home coming on the market we were in to see it, and within the hour we submitted our bid. (This was necessary since homes in this desirable neighborhood go fast.)
We had previously had several negative experiences with other real estate agents, so we were leery and quite skeptical. Judy has restored our faith. Judy is ethical, honest, hardworking and very enthusiastic about her profession. Not once did we ever feel that she was just trying to sell us a house. On the contrary, we believe she was sincerely interested in helping us find our next home where our family could be happy. Judy is not only an exceptional agent, but an extraordinary person as well. After working with Judy for a short while, we knew we had the "BEST". Our confidence in her abilities often made the difference between a sleepless night and a restful one. We felt truly cared for. Thank you.
-Tim and Maureen Herrmann

Judy Went beyond the Expected

I would like to thank you and commend you for your work arranging the sale of the property in the estate of my parents. Your responsiveness, style and overall professionalism appeared outstanding. I know you did things beyond the expected in order to affect such a timely and effective sale, for which I am very appreciative. My father also would certainly have been pleased.
-Arthur Overfield

Our deal would not have materialized without Judy

We were lucky enough to have Judy Szablak as our agent through our recent home purchase. As first time home buyers, we were inexperienced with regard to the entire process and Judy was always there to show us the way.

As a whole, our home purchase process was turbulent. Judy was there very step of the way to work through every problem that arose. Whenever a negative situation presented itself, Judy always had the answers. she always knew what to do and how to proceed. Having someone like this on our side did wonders for our nervousness and stress level throughout the process.
When talking to friends, we hear that the worst part about the process is that you are on your own and that no one seems to be on your side. This was not the case with us as Judy not only acted as our agent, but as our friend and advocate. You also hear time and again that agents do not return phone calls and are not entirely accessible to their clients. With regard to this, our experience was entirely different. Judy was available at all times for any of our questions or concerns. We always knew that we could contact her her virtually at any time. As difficult as it was, we can say that without a doubt, that our deal would not have materialized withou Judy's efforts.

Judy went above and beyond the call of duty in making this difficult experience into a fantastic end result. She has our highest level if gratitude and her efforts throughout the process were magnificent.
-The Jacobi's

Outstanding Work and Great Personal Touch!

We wanted to express our gratitude and high level of satisfaction for your assistance is selling and buying our houses in town. Your real estate expertise and professionalism along with a great personal approach made our selling and buying experience excellent. By starting with your crystal clear marketing plan and agreed upon selling goals up front we were able to sell our house within two weeks of its initial listing for exactly the price we wanted. Additionally, your support during our search process was superb- again you hit the right mix, meeting our buying goals such that we ended up right where we wanted to be from a price and location standpoint.

I have been an executive with GE for over 23 years and we have moved four times during this period. The recent sale and purchase of our houses was the fifth move for us, and your efforts made it our best yet- we both sincerely thank you for your outstanding work and great personal touch!
-The Shattuck's

She Inspired Me!

I have tried to sell my home off and on for the last twelve years. Since I live out of state, I decided to research agents on the Internet. I set up four appointments, and Judy was the second interview. I called off the remaining two interviews. I knew I had found the right agent for the job. She inspired me as someone who really knew her business and who was ambitious. Throughout the entire time Judy kept me updated on every little move, found new strategies and new angles and always had a reassuring attitude that was not filled with false hopes or misleading estimates. She told me she could sell my home for a certain price, and, indeed, true to her word she got that price. A note from my lawyer, who has dealt with many real estate agents--"She really knows her business. She's always friendly and supportive, and she keeps a close eye on everything." I completely agree. If there is any award for selling a home---and I know mine was not an easy sell---it should go to Judy Szablak.
-Campbell Dalglish

She Listed My Home At The Right Price And It Sold

I recently sold my home and bought a condominium with the help of Judy Szablak. I had not had a real estate transaction in more than 15 years. I friend recommended Judy. After my first conversation with her I knew she was the person for me. She was professional from start to finish. She listed my home at the right price and it sold in one day. After selling my home, I was a little apprehensive about finding the right condominium. Judy assured me that we would find the perfect home. Every detail was handled to my satisfaction. She is certainly a credit to the real estate profession. She is honest, hardworking, professional and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you. With the real estate profession I will certainly recommend Judy any chance I get.-

R. Duchnok


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