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The Selling Process

You've decided to sell, now what?

Before you make any improvements or alterations to your home, call me! 

When many  homeowners  decide that they are ready to take that step and sell their home, they think that they need to make an improvement or two before they invite a Realtor over. Stop. Have the Realtor over first. Me!

Use the "Schedule an Appointment" button on the right side of your screen, and it will take you right to my planner. Choose a time that's convenient for you and I will confirm the appointment as quickly as possible.

I cannot tell you how many times that I have gone over to  a home, and the seller tells me that they just did some improvements.  They were excited about them, but the choices they made with money they invested to make the improvements to sell their home were not the best ones. I do not want you making that mistake.  Click here for some short informative articles about selling your home.

Here's how the Process goes.

  • Call your Realtor (ME!)
  • We discuss your selling goals- and where you want to go next.
  • I preview your home, and If any improvements need to be made, to attract buyers, this is when we discuss it.
  •  I prepare a market analysis and sales plan designed for you
  • YOU decide what price you are going to list your home at, and we authorize paperwork.
  • Call your attorney, and let him/her know you will be selling your home.
  • We stage your property.
  • You make your house available for showings.
  • We negotiate the best offer, that has a closing date that you want.
  • The buyers formally apply for their mortgage, and get a  building inspection.
  • When the buyers mortgage is approved, we can close. 
  • Check out this article on the Top 15 Seller Questions

Most  people that sell their home are relocating within the area. While your home is on the market, we will be looking at homes for you, and I will coordinate the closing date on your sale and your purchase to correspond with each other. The single biggest fear of most homeowners that move is not having a place to go to when their home is sold. RELAX. I have been in business for 27 years, helped hundreds of homeowners, and not one of them ever was "homeless" because we couldn't find a house to move into. I am certainly not breaking my record on you.

Yes, there are lots of nuances to selling a home. I will be happy to consult with you and provide you with the guidance and expertise needed to complete the transaction(s) in the most efficient way.

Want to check out your competition now? Sign up for a listingbook account. It's fast, free, and easy. Just click on the PROPERTY SEARCH link below. You can always call me, too. (203)257-5892 or send me an email 

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