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Trumbull CT Housing and Real Estate Market Report Week of 1/7/15

A market to watch! VERY CLOSE TO A BUYER/SELLER ACTION ALERT-. As of this morning, there are just 123 homes that are actively on the market. The average market time is 124 days,  and their *cumulative market time is 177 days. These available properties are listed at an average price of $463,334. The median list price in Trumbull is currently $414,900.  The highest priced home in town is listed at $1,100,000 and the lowest priced home is available at $165,000.

This week, we saw 10 new listings come on the market, and one  home come back on the market after being under deposit. There were six properties that had a price change. There were four properties that went under the initial deposit stage, which we call CTS, and three properties went into Pending status, which means that the conditions have been satisfied, and the property is scheduled to close. Their average list price was $221,633.

TOWNWIDE DEPOSITS:  There are 22 properties townwide in the initial stage of deposit (which we call CTS) and an additional 25 properties that are scheduled to close, and their average price is $344,792.

CLOSINGS:  There were three properties that were reported as sold in this past week, The average list price was $508,267 and their average time on the market was 103 days. There were 44 status changes in the last week.

TRUMBULL CT CONDOS: The median price of the 13 condominiums that are available in Trumbull is $380,000. These homes have been listed an average of 107 days,  with an average cumulative market time of 155  days, and have an average price of $509,646. The highest priced condo in Trumbull is listed at $839,900. The lowest priced home is $244,900.

There was one new listing reported, no homes came back on the market,  and no property had a price change. No homes went into CTS status  and no homes went into pending status. 

TOWNWIDE DEPOSITS: There are two  properties currently under CTS status, and no properties in pending status.

CLOSINGS: Three properties  were reported as closed in the  last week, and were listed on average at $288,556.  There were five status changes reported.

RENTALS: If you are looking for a rent in town, there are 14 homes or apartments available, and they are listed at an  average price of $2,461 per month. These homes have been on the market approximately 58 days. The median price for a rental is $2,300 per month.

*Cumulative market time indicates the TOTAL  market time when a home has been listed more than once in short succession.

SOURCE: Market Data is compiled from the GFC-CMLS and represents activity through our local MLS system. Private sales are not included in these statistics.


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