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Main | Westport CT Housing and Real Estate Market Report Week of 3/17/15 »

Westport CT Housing and Real Estate Market Report Week of 5/11/15

There are now 354 homes that are are actively on the market, and that remains unchanged from last week. These currently available  properties have been listed for an average of 99 days, with a cumulative market time of 179 days. The average list price is now $2,364,165 and the median price remains at $1,899,000.

A contemporary home on Bluff Point is the highest priced home for sale at $11,500,000, and the lowest available priced home is a three bedroom home on Crescent Park Road for $368,000.

Twenty-five new listings came on the market in the last seven days, and two properties came back on the market after being under deposit, or temporarily withdrawn.  Twenty-six properties had a price change.

Twelve properties have gone under the initial deposit stage, which we call CTS, and 10 properties went into pending status, which means that the conditions have been satisfied, and the property is scheduled to close.

The average price of those 10 properties was $1,484,200. There are currently 36 homes in CTS status throughout Westport, and another 54 properties scheduled to close town-wide, with an average price of $2,224,369.

Closings: There were eight single family homes reported as sold in the last week, and they were listed on average at $1,457,113, with a market time of 137 days. There were 94 status changes in the last seven days.

Condos: There are 14 condominiums that are available, and they have been listed an average of 59 days, with a cumulative market time of 69 days. Their average listing price is $761,036 and the median price is $724,500.

The highest priced condo in town is listed at $1,279,000 and is a three bedroom homes located at Terra Nova Circle, and the lowest priced unit for sale is a one bedroom home on Whitney Glen for $380,000.

There were two new listings, and no homes came back on the market after being under deposit. There was one price change, and one property  entered into the initial stage of deposit. No homes entered into pending status.

There are three properties town-wide that are currently in CTS status, and there are three homes scheduled to close, with an average price of $741,300.

No sales were reported during the last week. There were four status changes.

Rentals: If you are interested in renting year round, either furnished or unfurnished, there are 39 homes or apartments available. The median price is $4,250 per month and the average price is $5,020 per month. These year round rental opportunities have been on the market an average of 46 days.

There are 32 short-term rental opportunities that are available, and they have been on the market an average of 46 days. Their average price is $16,184 and the median price is $13,250. Please note that seasonal rental prices are sometimes listed as an aggregate price for the season, or they can be listed as per the monthly rental cost.

SOURCE: Market Data is compiled from the GFC-CMLS and represents activity through our local MLS system. Private sales are not included in these statistics



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